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10 Unicorn Lollipop Party Favor


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10 Football Tailgate Superbowl Playoff Party Favor


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20 Pumpkin Jackolantern Lollipop Sucker Halloween Candy


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15 Power Rangers Birthday Lollipop Sucker


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15 Dum Dum style small round lollipops suckers


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10 Teddy Bear Lollipops Sucker Baby Shower Party Favor


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Custom Candy Creations ~ Personalized Lollipops for any Event!

Looking for a unique, personalized party favor or centerpiece? You've come to the right place! Choose your theme, flavor, color, stick length and packaging options - everything is made fresh to order based on what YOU want. Custom lollipops add an exclusive one of a kind appeal to any celebration! If you don't see one that's *just right* email me and we'll figure out the perfect package!
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Now accepting custom orders for adult themed lollipops for bachelor/bachelorette parties - email for more info!